5 Practices I Follow Consistently After Reading The Bullet Journal Method

Michelle Mac
5 min readSep 21, 2022

Every time I read The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, I come away with a new nugget of insight that changes my mindset around my creative practice.

Most people will read a book, put it back on the shelf, and never think about it again. This used to be me too until I started to actively take notes on what I read, starting with The Bullet Journal Method.

This book changed how I think about journaling, writing things down, and regularly reflecting on my life. So much so, I decided to write this article!

Here are the top 5 practices I learned from reading The Bullet Journal Method that I apply to my life every day:

Practice 1: Control

Worrying about deadlines, appointments, and tasks can leave you feeling paralyzed.

All this attention residue builds up in your mind if it’s not managed properly. Over time this causes fatigue and can even lead to burnout.

Knowing what you can change begins with defining what you can control.

By identifying what’s in your control and forgetting about the things you can’t control, you’ll reclaim your attention and be able to focus on what’s important to you.

This was a powerful mindset shift for me and it’s something I remind myself of every day.

Practice 2: Endurance

It can take anywhere from a few months to 10 years + to become “an overnight success” as a creator.

Most people can’t stick it out because, especially at the beginning, it seems like you’re posting into the void and no one is seeing what you’re creating.

The most successful creators I know are in it for the long term and can endure the endless challenges that come with growing online.

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