Be Consistent — That Is Your One Thing

Michelle Mac
2 min readJun 21, 2021
Be consistent — that is your one thing

It’s easy to be bombarded by things you should work on or should do. Things from work, things in your life, things you read on social media.

This can cause overwhelm and it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees.

How can you overcome this to get your most important work done each day? How can you prioritize the things that will give you the most value in the long term?

Focus on one thing and make that one thing be consistency.

  • Embody the mindset of consistency.
  • “I am the kind of person that’s consistent”.
  • Eliminate the distractions, the fears, and the doubts to focus on one thing each day.

I have been trying to write every day since January. For the most part, I’ve been successful with this.

But, as I’m considering starting a newsletter or an eBook, doubt has set in. Consuming too much content recently has caused me to question how successful I’ll be.

This is the point that separates the successful from the not-successful.

I’m choosing to be consistent with the things I want to create.

I’m not going to let the doubt or uncertainty trick me into quitting.

I’m confident that if I create a simple plan for the next quarter and stick to that plan, I will have been successful.

Focus on one thing and make that one thing be consistency.

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