Help! I’m A Digital Hoarder

My name is Michelle and I’m a digital hoarder

Michelle Mac


I’ve been obsessively watching the TV show Hoarders over the last few weeks and it’s been pretty eye-opening to see the commonalities between the different episodes.

One of the traits many hoarders share is the notion of keeping things in case they might need them.

This is something that got me thinking about my digital life and the idea of digital hoarding.

Being A Digital Hoarder

I’m completely guilty of keeping certain notes or files in case I need them in the future. Chances are I have no use for them and they should be trashed.

The amount of screenshots and photos on my camera roll alone is quickly filling up my online storage.

Sure, it’s different in a digital space as there’s no physical room taken up in your house by papers, books, articles, podcasts, and videos. (Side note: what would a podcast look like in the physical world? 🤔)

However, having too much digital clutter can take up space on your computer and your mind. For instance, not being able to find that digital copy of a receipt or a particularly important work document can be frustrating.

Why I Love Collecting



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