Here’s How To Get Your Bookmarks Out Of Twitter And Actually Use Them

Michelle Mac
6 min readSep 28, 2022

I’m going to show you how I get my bookmarks out of Twitter so I can review them at my own pace.

If you’re like me you love collecting bookmarks.

You find a thread that has some useful tips, so you bookmark it. You find a tweet with a cool graphic or a link you want to save and look at later, so you bookmark it.

Eventually, you end up with a treasure trove of information but it sits there because you never remember to look through your bookmarks list.

Bookmarks are hard to manage on Twitter

Let’s face it, the current UI for bookmarks is pretty simple and has remained unchanged for several years now.

You can’t group, sort, organize, or filter your bookmarks in any way.

This adds friction to processing your bookmarks and getting value out of them.

Let’s face it, this is why you capture bookmarks in the first place right? To get something out of them. Whether it’s design inspiration, an idea for a YouTube video, or something cool you want to share with others.

If you’re like me, you’ll go through each bookmark one by one and think hhmm this is useful I better keep it here until I need it.

Then when you actually do need it, you forget it exists because it’s tucked away at the bottom of your bookmarks list never to be resurfaced.

The solution to this is to get your bookmarks out of Twitter and into a system you can group, sort, organize, and filter.

Here’s the step-by-step system:

Step 1: Categorize what you want to do with your bookmarks

There’s no point saving bookmarks if you don’t know what to do with them.

Write down a list of potential categories for your bookmarks. You can use your current bookmarks list to help you.

Here are some of the categories I use:

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