How To Stay Creative — Pop Your Algorithm Bubble

Michelle Mac
5 min readApr 5, 2023

My digital algorithm is severely limiting the knowledge I have access to.

Some context:

I read this article by “ Circé Creates”: We need to pop our bubble — a guide to find freedom online.

In it, Circé describes the algorithm bubble:

“The algorithm bubble happens in the parts of your digital environment that are controlled by algorithms. And it manifests itself when the algorithm is only serving you with a specific type of content.”

While this may sound good on the surface: “Hey gimme lots of content on stuff I like”, in reality too much of the same content will stifle your creativity, the knowledge you’re exposed to, and your sources of inspiration.

So much of the content I consume lately is the same.

I’m really jaded with valueless Twitter threads about how Twitter is a free university or whatever it is. (Twitter in general for me doesn’t provide as much value/entertainment as it once did but that’s a whole other can of worms).

I’m shown the same YouTube videos in my home feed and my “have you seen” feed is ultimately a waste of time for the value it brings me.

All the articles in my Medium feed are the same or focus on the same topics. The chances of…



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