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Michelle Mac
6 min readMay 15, 2023
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The Song Exploder format is a great way to deconstruct a creative piece of work like a song. I wonder what other things could you deconstruct in this way?

What Is Song Exploder?

Song Exploder is a podcast (also now a TV show I just found out) that deconstructs songs through interviews with the musicians, producers, and or directors who worked on the song.

You hear first-hand the story behind specific lyrics, why certain instruments were chosen, and how the song was recorded. All of this is accompanied by snippets of single tracks from the song like a drum beat, a vocal, or a guitar.

I’ve listened to Song Exploder before but after coming back to it again recently, I have a much greater appreciation for the insight it gives you into the creative process of making a song.

I find myself taking little snippets of insights from each episode that really help me to think about my own creative practice.

Key Insights After Listening To Song Exploder

Here are the key insights I’ve taken in so far on my listening journey:

You gain first-hand insight into the creative process behind a piece of music



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