The Use Of Color In Better Call Saul

Michelle Mac
4 min readFeb 22, 2023

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Spoiler Warning: I will be talking about the TV Show Better Call Saul. I won’t be discussing any plotlines but I will be including some shots from the show so depending on how spoiler averse you are here is your warning.

The use of color in Better Call Saul is a really important part of the show.

Whether it be the color of the scenery, the costumes, or the color thrown from various light sources, everything is deliberately chosen to give a specific meaning.

Color is an integral part of the show

I recently finished watching Better Call Saul (BCS) and found the show very enjoyable.

As a Breaking Bad fan, I was curious to see the origin stories of many of the show’s popular characters including Saul Goodman.

I remember the use of color being pretty significant in Breaking Bad; the same is true of this show.

I was always fascinated by the variety of different suits Saul wears throughout the show and wondered why on earth he chose to dress like that.

Captured from Netflix

I was also curious about the use of black and white to denote scenes set in the future i.e. after…



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